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The 2 Year
No Nonsense Warranty.

dolphin pool cleaner


The Best Warranty in the Industry

Maytronics warrants that your Escape Dolphin pool cleaner will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 2 years. To prove how serious we are about delivering the best-in-class high performance robot, the Dolphin Escape is backed by the best warranty in the industry.

While some pool robot manufacturer's play tricks with their warranties, Escape's no-nonsense warranty is not prorated and not limited by the number of cycles. Escape is built to last. You're free to use your pool cleaner as much as you like. In the unlikely event that Escape doesn't perform as we've promised, we're here for you.


Vast Repair Network

We understand that you didn't invest in a robotic cleaner to manually clean your pool. That's why we designed Escape to minimize downtime. Escape is built on a modular DIY platform.

In the event that Escape needs service, we've made it so any component can be easily replaced by your or any of our many warrany repair stations in about 10 minutes. Rapid repair means your cleaner will never be out of your pool too long.


Now in Over 45 Countries

Our vast dealer network gives you easy access to service, no matter where you call home. Dolphin pool cleaners are now available in over 42 countries. With over 1200 dealers, your Escape will never have far to go. Please contact your dealer for more details on Dolphin Escape warranty service.