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Dolphin MaxBin™

Innovative Pool Robot Filtration

Dolphin MaxBin Filter


What goes in. Stays in.

Cleaning a pool robot has never been easier. With the second generation Max-Series™ , the Dolphin Escape captures and vacuums everything into its massive MaxBin™. Rather than fumbling around with pesky cartrdiges, cleaning is as simple. With just the release of a latch, rinsing out the filter takes only a few seconds.

Larger than ever before.

With a 50% increase from 1st Generation Dolphin pool robots, the MaxBin™ on the Escape is over 2602 inches. This allows Escape to use its Active Scrubbing to dislodge tough debris and dispose of it inside this massive area. This cleaning power and precision is unmatch among other pool cleaners, and what makes Dolphin Max Series™ stand out from other robotic pool cleaners.


Add the NanoFilter MaxBin™

Taken from the Dolphin ProLine™, you can now add a NanoFilter MaxBin™ to any Dolphin Escape. This optional accessory levels up the standard MaxBin™ by replacing the plastic mesh with pleated microfilters which capture smaller particles in your water column.

This increase in cleaning performance allows it to clean like a pro. By capturing particles the standard filter would miss, the NanoFilter™'s increase cleaning ability allows the Escape to make your pool's water crystal clear by acting as a second pool filter. See why so many pool owners are adding a NanoFilter™ to their Dolphin Escape.

Dolphin MaxBin One Click


Clean with Ease.

Cleaning a Max Series robot is now incredibly effortless. Say goodbye to the struggle of tidying up a pool cleaner. In a matter of seconds, you can have the filtration bin of the Max Series robot spotless, all with just one hand. Lift the top panel to reveal a conveniently designed handle that automatically pops up. By turning the bin upside down, debris simply cascades out, leaving you with an empty bin in mere moments. Messy and time-consuming clean-ups are now a thing of the past.

Empting this vacuum doesn't involve getting your hands dirty. In comparison to the previous generation Dolphin filters, which required the pool owner to handle two smaller cartridges and interact with six distinct parts—each potentially necessitating spraying with a water hose— the Max Series top-loading robots present a smarter solution. A solitary trap door has been incorporated by engineers into the Max Series design. A quick, one-handed motion is all it takes to open the trap door, revealing a conveniently accessible handle. Emptying the MaxBin is a breeze—just tip out the contents. If finer debris is present, a swift spray from a water hose easily dislodges the smaller particles.

50% LARGER. 100% EASIER.

Bigger than ever before.

At the core of this groundbreaking series is the advanced MaxBin filter technology. This innovation transforms cleaning efficiency, ensuring unmatched performance in pool maintenance. With its advanced filtration, the Dolphin Max Series promises crystal-clear water while capturing even the tiniest debris.

Dolphin Escape MaxBin
Dolphin Escape Pool Robot


Innovative Design

Setting the Max Series apart from other Dolphin cleaners is MaxBin, a game-changing upgrade for Dolphin robots. The innovation lies in the filter configuration, replacing the twin smaller filters with a substantial debris bin that loads from the top. MaxBin completely transforms the way you manage dirt, debris, and leaves, revolutionizing their disposal process.


2X The Clean

Escape's active scrubbing brush is a revolutionary new change that is apart of the Dolphin Max-Series™. This brush spins twice as fast as tracks, allowing it to dislodge tough algae and debris in your pool. This Max Series innovation leaves behind the first gen Dolphin pool robots that simply only move at the speed of the tracks. Innovation is what drives the Escape to clean and perform like no other pool robot does.

above ground pool robot with brush


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