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Dolphin Max-Series™

Now with MaxBin™

above ground robotic pool cleaner


Clean Like Never Before.

Next-gen performance combines with stellar engineering to release the second generation of Dolphin pool robots. The Dolphin Max-Series™ lineup for 2023 dramatically increase filter capacity and user-design. With the introduction of MaxBin™, cleaning your swimming pool has never been easier.

Dolphin Escape Pool Robot

Better Performance. Better Value.

The secret to Dolphin Max-Series is simple: user-friendly designed and unique technical layout. With MaxBin™, the filter is increased over 50% over the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. This larger filter is not only massive, but makes cleaning it way easier.


Revolutionary MaxBin™

The Max-Series sets itself apart from the rest of the Dolphin cleaners through a revolutionary enhancement known as MaxBin, a groundbreaking advancement for Dolphin robots. This significant stride forward is most evident in the filter's construction. Gone are the two smaller twin filters, replaced instead by a generously-sized debris bin that can be conveniently loaded from the top.

The introduction of MaxBin fundamentally alters the way you manage the removal of dirt, debris, and leaves. This innovative design involves a singular, spacious top-loading filter that maximizes capacityโ€”a perfect embodiment for an efficient pool robot. The compact motor is cleverly positioned to ensure it doesn't impede, allowing more space to be allocated to the expansive MaxBin filter.

dolphin escape robotic pool cleaner


Powered by SmartNav 2.0™

In a radical depature from past pressure and suction-side cleaners, the Dolphin Escape is powered from the newest mapping system from Maytronics: SmartNav 2.0™. With the ability to navigate obstacles such as stairs, the Escape vacuums and cleans with precision.


Active Scrubbing Brush

The Escape's brush spins at twice the speed of the unit. Unlike other Dolphin pool robots, the Max-Series innovates with an active scrubbing brush. As the Escape runs, it actively scrubs away tough debris, leaves, and algae from your swimming pool - rather than simply turning with the wheels. This brush spins 2 times the speed of the unit allowing it to scrub away impurties on your pool floor.

above ground pool robot with brush
Dolphin Escape MaxBin


Massive MaxBin™ Filter

To achieve a thorough cleaning, your pool robot requires an adept filtration mechanism capable of managing debris of varying sizes. The Escape comes furnished with an expansive MaxBin™, conveniently removable through the robot's upper access door. This represents our most advanced filtration system to date.


Add the NanoFilter™

With the optional add-on NanoFilter™, you can upgrade your Escape to clean deeper and increase your water's transparency. The NanoFilter™ allows the Escape to capture more than the standard MaxBin™. By increasing the surface area, water passes through this highly-pleated micropores and captures contaminates in your pool's water. Found usually only on the Dolphin ProLine™, this NanoFilter MaxBin can be added to any Escape.


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